Healthy Habits: 3 Reasons to Go Paleo in St Louis

The Paleo diet may be trending the world over but if you are going to attempt to stick to it... St Louis is the place to do it. From the best cafes to the easiest at home prep, you'll find it all right here...

Trending Hot Spots Right Here in the City
The Paleo restaurants St Louis boasts of are fresh, hip and right on trend. Best of all, you can find items that you probably never thought existed prepared in a totally vegan way. The most notable hot spot in the city, this Chinese restaurant offers classic comfort food in a healthy, vegan alternative that will leave you feeling like you are being bad when you are, in fact, being very, very good.

Discover Dishes You Can Learn to Prepare at Home
One great thing about having so many amazing restaurants at your disposal is that it gives you a chance to get new ideas for easier at-home meal times. This is one of the biggest challenges of going Paleo but it can be done and done well. Get more info here.

Stick to Your Diet Fast and Simple
Many local restaurants offer takeout and delivery which can make eating healthy easy. Always be sure to ask what is in every dish if you are unsure to make sure that you are sticking to your Paleo diet.